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PSA for Pokemon Fans/Artist.

Please, for the love of everything holy. SPOILER TAG all the artwork you make of unreleased Pokemon! Many people including myself are trying to avoid spoilers. And seeing everything in my notification feed, without even having a NSFW or a different thumbnail is driving me crazy. I've already been spoiled for 12 Pokemon that I didn't want to...

"Hur Dur Dur, Avoid the Internet. Der..."
...The game does not come out for another month. So Please, be courteous to others. Spoiler tag your stuff.

This sucks, The entire freaking dex was leaked... How are we supposed to avoid spoilers for 30+ days. :(

Gamefreak Y U NO LEARN!!!???
Hello everyone,

Jeez, it's been a while... I'm sorry for that, I'll get into why I've been so inactive in a moment. But first, I'd like to thank everyone for the Birthday wishes, It does mean a lot that people still wish me a happy birthday despite not having been active for almost 2 years. :D

So I guess the rest of this Journal could just be considered an update of sorts, of both my life and what's been going on. It's probably going to be a little long and ranty, so if you don't wanna read the whole thing there is a TLDR at the bottom.

Anyway. Some of you may know this, but way back before I started my Hiatus I was hired on by a small time game company making sprites. Which is good, kinda...
There was aspirations for a full scale sprite based RPG game that would be entirely custom sprites, I was hired on along with 5 other pixel artists to make all the assets for this game from scratch. I had been making sprites almost non-stop for the game for almost 3 months, and at this point I was honestly beginning to get burned out. Around this time is when I had learned that throughout the course of these 3 months, there went from 5 pixel artists to just me... I had been picking up the slack for the 4 that quit, and I was not being compensated for my extra work. And that's when I started to question things.
Shortly after I had tried to get in contact with the lead developer, I had learned that the lead dev had moved out of the country and passed on the project to 3 of the co-developers, and they had been asking me for assets that they had not even been putting into use, I was told that they wouldn't even start developing the game 'til I had finished everything they ask me to do (Which at this point they were just having me make and re-make whatever the hell they wanted for no apparent reason other than seemlying just to keep my busy...). So I did the only sensible thing and quit.

It was at this same point I had resigned my position that a lot of drama was happening here on DA. (Not exactly an abnormal thing, but it was unusually bad this time). I was originally just going to sit through it like I always do and wait 'til it blows over like it always does.
However, for whatever reason names were thrown around and opinions began to be spread and fights broke out. I won't go into this too much, because I'll be honest it was a long time ago and it was stupid. Plus it is completely irrelevant anymore.
And by this point I will be honest, I was fed up.

I was burned out from being worked to the bone, and fed up all the unnecessary drama here on DA and around this same time I was struck with a terrible case of writers/drawers/spriters block ever.
And long story short: An activity that I had previously enjoyed doing, something I had previously used as an outlet, My hobby. Became nothing but work, drama and plainly... Not fun.
That is why I decided to take the break.

I still have writers block pretty bad, but I am going to try and come back and be more active.

~TLDR: I was burned out from both creating and being part of online drama. I Had/Still have a really bad case of writers block (A result from everything listed above).
However I have taken a break and I am going to try and be more active.

Thanks for reading.
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Wat... no im not dead. 

Stealing from these bozos: Snivy101 Frozen-Echo 

1. How did you first discover Pokemon?
~When I was little, my parents thought that pokemon was satanic, however they accidentally rented the Pokemon First Movie. Mewtwo vs Mew. When someone placed the wrong movie in a case. They let me watch it once before they returned it. I thought it was awesome. And then I got grounded 3 times trying to watch it on TV even though I wasn't allowed.

2. What was your first Pokemon game?
~The first game I played was Gold... however the first game I owned officially was Heartgold after I was old enough to buy the game myself.

3. What is your favorite Pokemon?
~Typhlosion! Extreme bias for being my first starter but yea.

4. Who is your favorite Player character?
~I like Calem, as he is customization.

5. Who is your favorite Rival?
~Johto's rival (I named him Soul), he had more backstory to his character and was just overall way cooler.

6. Who is your favorite Gym Leader?
~Norman, hes unique for being the player's father.

7. Who is your favorite Elite 4 member?
~Malva, again... unique due to character development.

8. Who is your favorite Champion?
Steven Stone, don't have a reason. Just like him.

9. Who is your favorite evil Team Leader? 
N, because he doesn't suck.

10. Who is your favorite Professor?
Professor Juniper, she just wasn't an idiot like the other professors.

11. What is your favorite Pokemon type?
~I really don't have one. I have some I DONT like... Water for one... But I don't have a favorite.

12. What is your favorite region?
~Unova, because it changed seasons. I thought it was really pretty and really complemented the game better then before.

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